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Kingdom of the Hittites » Book Review

This book presents a comprehensive history of the Late Bronze Age kingdom of the Hittites and the role it played within the context of the ancient Near Eastern world in general. From their capital Hattusa in central Anatolia, the Hittite kings ruled a vast network of subject territories and vassal states reaching from the Aegean coast of Anatolia through Syria to the river Euphrates. In the 14th century BC the Hittites became the supreme political and military power in the Near East. How did they achieve their supremacy? How successful were they in maintaining it? What brought about their collapse and disappearance?

Paleolithic human life traces in Anatolia dated 100,000 years ago

Members of Mountaineering Club and Archaeology Department at University of Uludag at Bursa, Turkey, found traces of paleolithic human life at mount Uludag, near a famous ski resort in Turkey, close to Istanbul. The traces, which include tools made of stones and bones, dated 100,000 years ago.

Giant statue of Emperor Hadrian unearthed near Antalya, Turkey

Parts of a huge, exquisitely carved statue of the Roman Emperor Hadrian have been found at an archaeological site in south-central Turkey.

The original statue would have stood 4m-5m in height, experts estimate.

Sagalassos - An ancient Anatolian city of 10000 years being unearthed