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3rd Century Roman Tomb of Pamphylia

3rd Century Roman sarcophagus of Pamphylia at Archaeology Museum of Konya.

Sophia: Goddess of Wisdom, Bride of God

Anyone interested in the feminine face of God throughout the ages will find Sophia an illuminating experience. Caitlin Matthews' scholarship connects us to past, present, and future in the very depths of our femininity. Marion Woodman, Jungian analyst and author of Bone Dying into Life. Sophia, or "wisdom" in Greek, has been revered in many forms throughout history from the Dark Goddess of ancient Anatolia; to her Egyptian, Greek, Celtic, and Cabalistic manifestations; to her current forms as Mary and the orthodox St. Sophia. In the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas, Sophia sits with God until the creation. Then she falls into matter and becomes manifest in every atom, permeating all things "like the sparks that run through charcoal," as Matthews says. While God is "out there," the Goddess is "in here" the mother-wit of practical inspiration and compassion at the heart's core. This definitive work comprehensively establishes a realistic Goddess t…

3rd Century Roman Tomb of Sidamara

3rd Century Roman sarcophagus of Sidamara at Archaeology Museum of Konya.

Cities » Book Review

The acclaimed historian John Reader takes us on a journey of the city from its earliest example in the Ancient Near East to today s teeming centers of compressed existence, such as Mumbai and Tokyo. Cities are home to half the planet s population and consume nearly three-quarters of its natural resources. For Reader, they are our most natural artifacts, the civic spirit of our collective ingenuity. He gives us the ecological and functional context of how cities evolved throughout human history the connection between pottery making and childbirth in ancient Anatolia, plumbing and politics in ancient Rome, and revolution and street planning in nineteenth-century Paris. This illuminating study helps us to understand how urban centers thrive, decline, and rise again and prepares us for the role cities will play in the future...

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Flying Kites

Flying Kites, originally uploaded by voyageAnatolia.Kids flying kites on the wall of ancient Castle of Ankara.